More Engaging Creative Branding Content for Less

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 12.09.41 PMNever before has there been a greater demand for a high volume of engaging creative visual content with a quick turnaround.  It wasn’t long ago that national TV campaigns and billboards dominated the advertising and branding scene.  Now it is about telling Instagram Stories, establishing brand awareness on Pinterest, and pushing ad campaigns through Facebook and AdWords.  It’s not about quality at any price anymore.  High quality and high volume with fast turnaround are required to stand out, grab attention, and connect with users.

New technology has also unleashed an enormous amount of creativity on the supply side of creative visual content.  New tools have empowered swarms of producers.  And reputable platforms have been very effective in connecting them with buyers of content globally.  So where are things going from here?  How can anyone new create a long term sustainable competitive differentiated advantage in such an efficient marketplace?

On the production side it’s a battle of efficient processes that create the most engaging content.  Maybe automation and deep learning can help.

On the distribution side it’s a battle of quality product at the right price.  There is also a huge amount of data available to the top distributors that can help them connect clients with the right users for custom content.

Because distributors have power over the producers that rely on them, scalability for those producers is very limited, FatCamera included.  To really scale a producer has a few options:

  1. Create a new platform to take on distribution
  2. Create a production process that is exponentially more effective than all other producers
  3. Create a new product that disrupts the design, branding, and marketing content production industry

Going forward creative visual content will continue to get better and cheaper very quickly.  Because of that the last two options are more sustainable.  But that doesn’t make either of them easy.

At FatCamera we genuinely enjoy creating visual content that spreads positive energy.  We also don’t want to let our passion get in the way of our growth.  In search of long term sustainable competitive advantage we are exploring ways to make our production process exponentially more effective.  We are also exploring ways to create a new product that disrupts the design, branding, and marketing content production industry.  Both are very ambitious goals that will require partnerships with unique, experienced, and creative minds.  Both will also require a good amount of luck and the right timing.

Author: Christopher Futcher

Christopher Futcher is an entrepreneur and investor. His main goal in life is to find meaning in work and relationships. Chris is the founder of multiple creative portfolios and production companies. He currently oversees two production teams and a post-production team who work together creating licensable visual content. Chris spent his first 14 years on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. From 14 to 19 he lived in rural Oregon then Nebraska for three years. At the age of 22 he joined the US Navy and became a Helicopter Search and Rescue Swimmer. He spent six years in the US Navy. While stationed in Japan for four years he learned basic conversational Japanese and ran the Tokyo marathon twice. In 2009 he registered a company to produce stock photos to help pay for university. In 2011 he registered a company that used his custom built drones to fly cinema cameras capturing previously impossible shots. Chris' work appears all around the world in campaigns for nearly every major brand and thousands of unknown brands as well. Chris enjoys spending his time with his wife and playing with his three children. He also regularly enjoys reading, meditating, running, swimming, snowboarding, and waterskiing

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