Stock Photo and Video Production Internship Program

FatCamera is preparing an internship program for the summer of 2019 in Toronto, Ontario for photographers and videographers interested in getting involved with producing licensable visual content. We only have space for a limited number of applicants. We will release application requirements and details by the end of February.

More Engaging Creative Branding Content for Less

Never before has there been a greater demand for a high volume of engaging creative visual content with a quick turnaround.  It wasn’t long ago that national TV campaigns and billboards dominated the advertising and branding scene.  Now it is about telling Instagram Stories, establishing brand awareness on Pinterest, and pushing ad campaigns through Facebook… Read More

Kaspi Creative Founders’ Biographies

Kaspi Creative is a family business.  Incorporated in 2017 Kaspi Creative was established to manage the already existing FatCamera portfolio and develop a new product and portfolio.  The four founders include Christopher and Terri Lynn Futcher cousins to Jonny and Meilani Long.  (Christopher and Meilani are cousins.) Christopher Futcher is the CEO of Kaspi Creative Inc.… Read More