Is There Still Money In Stock Photography?

Ten years ago we received our first royalty from one of our images licensing.  We earned

a whopping $0.25 for a picture I took of my wife, Terri Lynn, running at Lakeview Park in Oshawa, Ontario.  We were so excited that we actually made money off of a picture we created.  At the time we were just taking pictures for fun.

Now, a decade later it seems like there would be no way to compete in such a saturated marketplace.  That may be true for someone who doesn’t know and understand the industry, how it has changed and how it is currently changing.

Think about it.  A buyer can’t sort through billions of images in the few minutes he or she has available to find the perfect image.  Because of that simple logic, I believe one of the primary strategies that has brought us 10 years of consecutive growth is effective search engine optimization (SEO).  We have evolved our SEO strategies at least 15 times in the last 10 years.

By combining a very good SEO strategy with an extremely efficient production strategy including a highly creative team and incredibly photogenic models we still see a lot of potential in creating royalty free images and videos.

Author: Chris Futcher

I am a photographer living on a hobby farm with my wife, kids and lots of pets. I prefer to spend time outdoors when it's warm.

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