Momentum is Growing

The flywheel is gaining momentum in Toronto for Kaspi Creative.  Our network is quickly growing and productions happen more and more often.  We love the diversity of Toronto and the freedom of shooting stock photography instead of waiting for a client to hire us.

Business woman in leadership - stock photo
Business Strategy Session – Women in Leadership

To see more from our recent business stock photo shoot  check out the link below.

Business Stock Photos in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Produced by Kaspi Creative for the FatCamera portfolio on iStock.

Author: Christopher Futcher

Chris grew up on the island of Kauai. Throughout high school he lived in rural Oregon. In his early 20s he joined the US Navy and became a Helicopter Search and Rescue Swimmer. He spent six years in the US Navy. After the navy he got into photo and video production. Chris enjoys spending his time with his wife and three children. He also regularly enjoys reading, meditating, running, swimming, snowboarding, and waterskiing.

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